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My first name (what is the last name in Hungarian) is Tamás.
And my family name is - guess - KOOS. (Well, I would put an accent above the 2nd "O".)

For years I did everything to avoid my faith of becoming a photographer.
Well, it seems now, it was in vain! Here I am, on the path of my Father (Gyula KOÓS, photographer)… and I am glad to do what I am doing.

My Father worked mainly on black-and-white negative films.
Nowadays I am using a digital camera with colors, of course.

The style remained: events, reports and candid moments.
The events, however, have changed a bit.
My father used to go to funerals, as well, what I found strange.
I like to be present at births, what he finds strange.
(Well, I took photos at funerals, as well. The first time in 2003, when people I loved died.)

My Father used to have a shop in the heart of the city of Budapest, called "Koos Foto".
To honor him and his atelier , I gave the same name to my homepage.
Well, the father of my Father was a photographer, too...

I much prefer to take photos without flash, using only the light of the place. It mught well happen that there are some candles only.
I appreciate a lot the strong zooms, with them I can "get near", and focus just on what I want to, to a face, or just the eyes.
I am interested in the "stolen", candid moments. The small and the big things of life, the quotidian activities, birth giving, the flowers, buildings, or people on the trains, the weddings, and the children in the school or at the playground, or in the dance house, so everywhere, where is life, activity, people.

I admire the female body, mainly during pregnancy, at birth and while breastfeeding. It is so touchy to feel and realize that immense energy within a woman, and the way the new connection forms between two beings, between mother and child.
And I am very interested in male bodies, too, mainly when they are young, fresh, strong, the way the light touches the skin, the harmony of the muscles, the arrogance of the regards, the uniqueness of the hair.
Children just enchant me, the way the just are. When they are submerged in their games, or the are captured by sadness, by crying or by laugh and joy.
And I strongly honor the third age, I see all rids beautiful and talkative, I am attracted by the tiered, vise regards, and by the slow steps elder people make so remarkably precautious.

Everything and everybody is a subject, where my eyes and my lenses may repose for a short while.
The intimate, private events, where I was let in, where I was invited to attend - I am a lucky guy! I had the chance to see, to feel, to live so many extraordinary and banal things. Only God knows, what else is still waiting for me, and what am I waiting for.
Thanks for all those, who became the subjects of my photos, who have let me near, allowing me to feel their wonders, their miracles.

For a long while I was using the "Homo Delphinus" name. It means "dolphin-man".
As I was in deep love with dolphins.
I still love them... this made me put dolphins on the opening page.

Later I was using the man-doula name for myself.
The word "doula" means the assisting woman who is next to the midwife and / or the doctor helpings the pregnant woman during labor and delivery.
So, I am doing this... as a man.
One called me Thomas Mann-Doula (as Tamas = Thomas).

Now I have returned to my own, original name: Tamás.
I like the 3 strong consonants surrounding the 2 tunnel-like vowels.
And the "m" itself repeats this, 3 legs and two welcoming wholes.

With my brother we have started to do full panoramas, what can be navigated, and one may see around in 360 degrees and up and down, as well. Now I am more interested in making still panos, stiched from several shots and printed in large format (over 1 meter).

I graduated in a University of Budapest, as mathematician - to see the order and the chaos, and the logical way of thinking. It comes at hand nowadays to use the PC, create homepages and manipulate digital photos.
In Toronto I started psychology and I went on with it in Hungary, learning psychodrama - May be to understand, to feel people, and myself. This is the irrational, the emotional way of being.
And the photo - the shadow and the light, the colors, the reflections, people, emotions, real moments.
And I went for 4 years to a catholic secondary school. Later on some further religions passed by me… to look for God, to see life, to search for the "Who am I?" question. May be this taught me to honor my "subjects", people and all creatures.

I may well be depressed. And I am allowed to love. And I can be angry. And I can feel joy. I "allow myself" already many feelings, what was forbidden as a child. And I do my utmost to replace fear by love. A rather difficult production…

Thanks to all of my "masters" (either they know or not, what they gave to me):

K. Gy. - for the artist's eye
K. R. - for the flamboyant life
H. L. - for the humanistic thoughts
F. A. - for all the rainbow colors of the states of mind
S. I. - for the shaman teachings
S. Á. - for the theatre
K. C. - for the fire walking
F. C. - for the initiation
R. É. - for the psychodrama
M. I. - for the value of the money
G. Á. - for all the births
G. K. - for the hyperventilation
V. M. - for letting me be there
B. K. - for the dictaphones
P. K. - for the survival
E. U. - pour son amitié
S. J. - for her little things
B. Z. - for the opening

Sz. G. A. - for his friendship
F. A. C. - for the emotions

And all, all, all to You, dear, dear, dear Baba

Tamás Koós


legutóbbi módosítás - Last updated: 13-Apr-2006

legutóbbi módosítás - Last updated: 13-Apr-2006