www.koosfoto.hu - Links I like and recommend

Alternatal Foundation - A Choice - about undisturbed, free birth, with shameless photos


Since years I am in close connection with Ági GERÉB and her team. I have made a lot of photos and videos at home-births, in Hungary.

LockSmith 7/24
"We open and we lock"


The web page of my friend, Mr. Zoltán Boros' firm.

I am the webmaster of th site. All comments, suggestions are welcome.

IN MEMORIAM - Virtual Monument for Our Beloved Ones


When Baba died, the idea was born. When my father died, I started to do it.

ASICU - As I See You


I am still working on it. On that site I want to "pull together myself".
anevemed honlapja

Anevemed - A personal homepage study and development with photos, videos and effects.


My younger godson's self-intro page. My favorites are the "Class Wars" and the short intro.- In English, German and Hungarian.

Look-in'-a-round - 360 degree look-in'-a-round panorama pictures


The site of the company of my brother, Mr. Laszlo KOOS.

We developed it and worked in it together, for a while.

Scott Griffin's homepage.His art comes from his obsessive collecting of discarded materials. He uses his welder like a pencil.


Father of little Percy, who is my brother's first grandson.

The site is under construction, with them art-pieces he provides to me, as I am the webmaster of it.

Klincsek Zsuzsa - Agape

KLINCSEK, Zsuzsa - a Lady Paniter




I have met her via one of her painting what I saw at a birth, in the bedroom.

She made a triple portrait of Baba... see it in the "In memoriam Baba" menu item.


R-de-Danse - the balette and danse school of my friends, Anne-Marie és Alain in Belgiumban.


Alain is my friend since 20 years. I do my best to make this site good and nice. With pleasure.

Anita dogtrainer - The homepage of Anita Kosa, with many dogs.


Anita is a friend, and now I am maintaining an dmodifying her page. We made some photos of her dogs, as well. Fun!

Arles - it is a very nice program making a web-site from your photos.


We have received as a gift from Digital Dutch. And I use it at both on my page and at the www.birth.hu.

My favorite musitian: Patrick Bernard (Bernhardt). This is his page, in English and French.


Since years I am listening to the CDs Atlantis Angelis.and the Solaris Universalis. And he made now the new CD: "I dreamed about an Angel".

LEA - Girl, Mother, Child Foundation


We made together the original web site for Lea with Kati DOMJÁN.
The name "LEA" was once my idea...

Besh-O-Drom - full of life Hungarian music!
Dec. 2005: their new disc is out
"Ha mefogom az ördögöt"
(If I grab the Devil)


I have some personal connection with them.

I like these people, I like their music!

Pierre PERRET dLyrics of his songs... in French, of course


I love his songs. The lyrics are full with joy and with humor.

For all ages!

Once upon a time...

Once Upon a Time... - Games, farry tales, songs and all other lovely things for children, and for adults, too.


Luca and Bendi love this page. They spend hours in front of the screen testing their capabilities, and they enjoy it a lot!


Hippo song by Steven WILSON

The "Hippo Songl" - a joyful hippo sings on the voice and the music of Steven WILSON together with his great animation.


I thing it often, just for me, or together with kids. I just loev it. Other favorits by Steven: : "Morning Rhytm" and "US History in a Blender" among the videos. Keep an eye on this kid! He will make great things!

SAMOROST - One of the best FLASH animations I have ever seen. Peaceful, nice, creativ,,, and requires a lot of time,,,


I played a long while to go throigh the whole story. Relaxing!
Samorost 2

SAMOROST 2 - If you liked the first one, it is even more exotic, and interesting to play with.


When it is over, it is not over! You may buy the full version, and it goes further... I have bought it, and it was fun! It is useful to note the codes it gives after different levels accomplished. Fun to play with!

Quest for the Rest -The music of the new album of The Polyphonic Spree with dram-like FLASH animations.


At least as good as the Samorost! And I enjoyed it's music, too.

The MEATRIX - an interesting Flash animation with the elements of the film: The Matrix.
Interestings message


What one can do with Flash! I like its simple images and the humor of the film.

God! What do I eat?!?! :-(

The Sabbathsong * "More than Klezmer" band's homepage.


I like their music and I find Tamást and Anitát (the leaders of the group) very friendly.

Marseus Computer - second hand PCs and other hardware in Budapest


We bought there a PC for my uncle.
They were friendly and helping.
Sudoku a Web-en

Sudoku - Sudoku is the number placing game taking the world by storm


Györgyi's favorit.
Put all digit exactly once into each row, column and square. Requires logic and time...

CONVAR - PC Inspector and Smart Recovery


Accdentally I deleted some pics from my card. With the help on CONVAR I could successfuly recover them, Thanks!

Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia - in many languages


I have found already a lot of interesting thing here... I do ercommend it for all.

Webster's Online Dictionary
Earth's largest dictionary with 90 modern and 10 ancestral languages.


I find this site one of the most amazing collection of knowledge!

In Hungarian, as well, of course!


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